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TTUSD's Sustainability Programs are successful because of the integration with community groups and support from many sponsors. More information about the involvement of each is below.

  • Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (SWEP): The Environmental Sustainability Clubs, which SWEP brings to the TTUSD, utilize interactive educational projects to empower students and teachers to be good global citizens working to ensure adequate resources for a clean and healthy environment. SWEP educators and high school student mentors of younger grades facilitate weekly club meetings with students to explore green hands-on service learning projects, including: waste reduction, reuse and recycle, gardening, composting, energy and water conservation, BMPs, restoration and pollution prevention. Students work together to develop their knowledge, create a sense of civic responsibility, and foster a school environment that emphasizes sustainability while practicing data monitoring, language arts, math, and science skills.
  • CHOICES Person Centered Services: Clients of this program help to collect, sort, and redeem the materials for the TerraCycle and Bottle & Can redemption programs. Their work is essential to closing the loop and getting the materials recovered back to the processors who make new products from what used to be waste, destined for the landfill.
  • Sierra Cost Management (SCM): By working with Sierra Cost Management, TTUSD is able to leverage their solid waste and recycling expertise to reduce costs and expand recycling and waste reduction programs. Since we began working together in 2010, TTUSD has implemented district-wide programs to divert cardboard, paper, bottles & cans, batteries, eWaste, writing instruments, drink pouches, snack wrappers, books, and ink cartridges, among other items.
  • Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal: As products of the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, the owners of this local, independent family business seek to continually give back to the community they're proud to call home. Click here for details.