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Annual Parent Notification Packet

The Annual Parent Notification (APN) letter serves several purposes related to a student's academic progress and support. The APN informs parents about:

  • Student Proficiency: This could be related to a specific subject area (like English Language Arts or Math) or a broader assessment of academic skills. The letter will detail the student's current level of proficiency based on recent testing.

  • Program Placement: If a student requires additional support or qualifies for advanced programs (like Gifted and Talented Education - GATE), the letter will explain the recommended program placement and its rationale.

  • Program Options: Schools often offer various options for students who need additional support or enrichment. The letter will outline the available program options and allow parents to choose the one that best suits their child's needs (within specific parameters).

  • Exiting Programs: The letter might also explain the criteria for transitioning a student out of a program, such as leaving an English Learner (EL) program once they've achieved English proficiency.

  • Parental Rights: The notification letter should inform parents of their rights to be involved in their child's education, including requesting a meeting to discuss the information or program placement.

It's an annual update for parents regarding their child's academic standing, potential support options, and their role in the process.

2023-2024 Annual Parent Notice.pdf

2023-2024 Aviso Anual para los Padres.pdf

Firearms Safety Memorandum 2023-2024

Espanol Firearms Safety Memorandum 2023-2024

TTUSD Annual Parental Notification Addendum 2023-2024

Board Policy 6020

Parent Involvement