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3 students sit in nature behind a shovel and a freshly planted sapling.
Grade 7 Field Day with SWEP

The 7th grade SWEP Field Day was an enviornemntal awareness day where students were assigned into groups and participated in fun and Academic activities such as planting trish, picking up trash, navigating with a compass and playing educational games.

2 students taking notes while wearing lab goggles.
Science Labs

The new science curriculum incorporates many labs for students to experiment and experience the exciting nature of science. Whether it is working with live cockroaches or mixing chemicals, there are plenty of hands on experiences in the science classes.

4 6th grade boys have their hands in a bowl of a gooey substance.
Making Ooblek

6th Graders get hands on science experience making oobleck by mixing cornstarch and water during the first week of this school year!

A class of students standing around a collection of Rubix cubes
A Rubix Cube Mosaic

6th Graders in Ms. Dale's ACES class become experts in solving Rubix cubes. When solving them is not enough of a challenge, they create collaborative art using the cubes!

Students in construction vests gather 2 teachers holding gold and silver trophies.
Grade 8 Olympics

In December, ACMS held the annual Olympics competitions. Homerooms dressed in costume and competed in a variety of team-based challenges including tug of war, relay races and passing the entire group through a hula hoop. The theme of this year's grade 8 Olympics was careers, which included professional skiers, construction workers, Secret Service agents and more!

The PTO and Admin pose for a group photo

The ACMS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) enriches, enhances and supports the educational and social environment of Alder Creek Middle School by complementing the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to learn, socialize, communicate, and grow.

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